My own diet story

I just realized that I started writing this blog without even sharing my own diet story. Like most people these days, I am a dieter myself. I grew up as a chubby kid. I normally get picked on by my peers when I was a child because my face look like a steamed pork bun aka siopao.


Growing up as a chubby kid, I grew up with fear of social acceptance. I still remember when I was in elementary, I would rather just go straight home after school and watch cartoons all day rather than to play with my classmates and cousins outdoors. I have very low self-esteem back then because I couldn’t do what the other kids do because I am physically unfit to lift myself up on the monkey bars and I was incapable of joining other outdoor games the other kids does.

Being frustrated growing up fat, I mindlessly just accepted myself being chubby so I didn’t worry about the foods that I eat. If it tastes good, I’d eat it and that has been my diet ever since.

When I reached high school, I started to get conscious in myself. I got so afraid that no girl would even like me because I look like a siopao. I tried everything I can to lose weight. I’ve tried once a day eating diet. I walked my way back home after school even though it worked to some degree, I became skinny fat. Skinny fat simply means a person who looks thin outside but full of flab underneath anyway so I stayed like that until college days then one time, I saw my friends attending a local gym and it inspired me to do some weight training sessions also. I didn’t worry about my diet; I just lifted weights, followed what the gym owner says(former bodybuilder). I’ve gotten lean but I still had the belly fat. Basically, I just put on some newbie muscle gains but technically, I’m still skinny fat.

After college, I moved to the United States from the Philippines so I stopped doing strength training since work is my new priority. I got married to my girlfriend(who is now my wife) a year after then I started packing on weight again.


I never cared what I look like because I already found my better half anyway. So my wife and I had our first child then one day when I was trying to put on my pair of jeans, I thought that my clothes were shrinking. I didn’t realized that I actually got fatter so I went to a local bookstore and browsed the diet section. I saw this book called “The Abs Diet” so I excitedly purchased the book. I read the book, I’ve lost weight and seen results which made me lean although not as lean as I wanted to or shall I say not the results that I was really expecting.


I still wasn’t happy so I tried to purchase more diet books trying to figure out why my fitness progress have stalled. I’m the type of person who seeks optimal results. I just don’t settle for what works but I always try to do my best to find what works best on a given situation. One day, I was browsing the internet and I came across to Lyle Mcdonald’s site( I read the guy’s bio so I got really curious about his approach. So I purchased 3 of his books: The ketogenic diet, Ultimate Diet 2.0 and the stubborn fat solution. I highly recommend his stuff because I must say that the guy really know his stuff! I regularly read his articles and has been an active member of his forum. There I saw Alan Aragon’s name in one of the threads then I immediately googled this guy and I found out that Alan also has his own book called Girth Control. Let me tell you, this GC book is probably one of the best book I’ve ever read. Alan even taught me how to search scientific studies through I really learned a lot from these two guys. Anyway, after applying all the knowledge I’ve learned from Lyle, Alan and from various studies, I was able to understand the reason why my previous diets have failed me. Finally, I was able to see my abs definition. These are my progression pictures below:




As of the moment, I am currently doing a Culking approach which basically means putting on weight while minimizing fat gain.




I am currently working double jobs at the moment while doing regular three times a week session. I continuously read/ research about fitness and nutrition stuff during my free time. I hope my diet story inspired those of you who have busy lifestyle yet seeking to get in shape.


This was me when I went to my vacation in the Philippines:


I’m currently dieting for fat loss again and here is my most recent pic:





As of 11/ 21/ 2012




Please pardon the bathroom pic



05/ 02/ 13




If I can do it, everyone can do it too by signing up to my consultation service.

    • Wilbert Roxas
    • January 4th, 2012

    I can relate… its really frustrating when you have a not so good physique. Chubby face , its a big no no for me. I just want to be fit. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

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