You’re fat not because of fate


Our everyday life consists of several decision-making process. What we wear to work, the time you go to bed, the amount of hours you spend sitting on the toilet etc, etc. In short, almost everything happens because we chose to do so. The choices that we make can be either poor, neutral or productive. In terms of how our body looks, this is also a result of our decisions made in the process. Take a look closely; the amount of the foods that we eat, what we eat, when we eat, whether you exercise or not, the amount of time you’re sitting doing nothing or what have you are all personal choices. People get fat not because they chose to be so at least not directly but through the poor decisions that they have made.

Although genetics plays a huge part in the context of some people may be able to lose weight easier than the others or vice-versa while some may need more complex strategies to prevent themselves from gaining unnecessary weight, there is always a solution to every scenario. The only reason why people get fat is due to acute surplus calories that accumulates overtime. There might be some hormonal changes that may get in the way but the primary predictor whether we lose weight or not is the law of thermodynamics:

Calories in = calories out

Eat less, move more or both. And vōila! Magic eh? Your infinite excuses will not take you anywhere. People who have nice physique outside good genetics made correct decisions in terms of modifying their eating habits, exercise regimen and they made themselves efficient on time management.


No one forced you to eat that whole bag of cookies. It’s not your neighbors’ fault if you couldn’t mow your lawn because you prefer watching tv than doing some work.

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