Non-linear lifestyle needs non-linear calories


Today, I made an accidental discovery using my bodybugg and myself which lead me to a conclusion that non-linear lifestyle needs non-linear calories. What really happened was, I’ve been so inactive all day because I only slept for several hours and I watched tv for 2 hours. What does it mean? For the average people who have 9am-5pm jobs, this simply means that they’re normally off during the weekends while people who works on a rotational shift-work/ double jobs may need to eat on a cyclical basis(cyclical dieting tactic) in order for them to meet the law of supply and demand. Utmost cases, fitness population(particularly bodybuilders) have been using this tactic for several years to optimize their nutrient partitioning because outside good genetics, diet and training variables are the highly manipulatable elements to achieve a good-looking physique.

Anyway, this blog is all about creating a diet that follows the law of supply and demand because anyway this is what really happens in a real-world scenario. Although what’s really important in a goal of long-term weight management is maintaining the energy balance, our modern world consists of both several fortuitous and unfortuitous demands which means our daily activities aren’t linear on a day to day basis. For example, we may be physically active during the work days and be inactive during the weekends or vice-versa. Just like what my Bodybugg SP predicted today:


I only burned 1,855 calories today since I’ve been inactive all day. Those numbers were mostly the amount of calories burned by my BMR(basal metabolic rate). I didn’t start being active not until 11pm which was the start of my night shift work. My Bodybugg SP restarts it’s reading every 12am. So, within the 24-hr cycle, at 1,855 calories divided by my bodyweight which is 130 lbs. at this moment, that would put me around 14 calories per pound of my bodyweight just to maintain my bodyweight. If I want to lose or gain weight, I need to decrease or increase that number doing the same activity today. This is the same reason why many of us these days become obese because first, not everyone are counting calories(even so, some are underreporting/ miscalculating their real food intake or calorie expenditure). Secondly, our modern world promotes automation and the modern jobs/ daily activities diminished the needs to do physical work.

Today, I will teach you the quick and dirty numbers assuming that you are tracking/ willing to track your calorie intake based on your goals/ activities under normal physiological circumstances:

1.) To maintain your current body weight:

Your bodyweight x 14-16 calories/ lb.

2.) To lose body weight:

Your bodyweight x 10-12 calories/ lb.

3.) To gain bodyweight:

Your bodyweight x 17-18 calories/ lb.

Note: That these numbers aren’t fixed. These are just mere estimates meaning it could be more or less depending on the person’s metabolic functions and the amount of physical activities. Normally, the lighter we become, the less calories we need to maintain our bodyweight. Personally, even though I only weigh 130 lbs. right now, at the amount of my physical activities, I burned around 17 calories per lb. of my bodyweight per day. It takes several trial and error to find the “sweet spot.” If you’d look at my Bodybugg reading again, the amount of calories that I burned yesterday was 2,744 calories. At that rate, since I’ve been physically active all day, at that rate, it’d put me at 21 calories per lb. of my body weight. In my 3-part series blog regarding my NEAT experiments, I’ve shown in there how NEAT activities were severely underrated in terms of calorie expenditure.

So, once you find your sweet spot, use the quick and dirty numbers that I provided above to estimate your daily calorie needs based on your goal and daily activities.

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