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PS Vita: PSP on juice


I preordered the first bundle pack from which I received on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. The package includes the PS Vita 3G/ Wifi hardware, the limited edition PS Vita case, 4 GB memory card and a Little Deviants game.


I am a big fan of the psp go and I still have a couple of PSP GOs here at home. I bought an extra because Sony discontinued it’s production several months ago.

Sony made a big leap in terms of PSP’s hardware into the PS Vita. Simply by looking at the graphics, the sound and game lineups, Vita in my prediction is going to sell like hotcakes on it’s official US release date which is on February 22nd of this month. Aside from the amazing capabilities of the Vita, my prediction is that it will sell a lot because Sony finally listened to their fans regarding the implementation of the second analog stick.

The PS Vita is almost twice the size of the PSP Go


Even though the Vita is much larger than the Go, it fits in the hands really at it’s weight of 280 grams.

I didn’t really cared for the Little Deviants game so I bought a couple more US titles yesterday:


Right now, I’m playing Shinobido 2 because I’m a big fan of Tenchu games since PSone years.


The graphics reminds of the game Kingdom of Paradise

The graphics may not awe many people by Vita’s standards but I just love ninja stealth games.

I also tried uploading some of my digital games from US PSN but so far, not all the games were compatible with the Vita. The only games so far that were downloadable from my digital copy games are Syphon Filter: Logan Shadows, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Thor, Street Fighter Max 3 and Megaman X. There might be some other games that are compatible but I think I have to wait until the official release on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd. The apps will also be available on the official release date such as Netflix, Twitter, etc.

I also tried the remote play option but none of my ps3 games were compatible yet.

I’m not going to discuss the specs because there are several other articles that are available on the web but I must say that I am happy with my Vita despite of it’s price. Some people were comparing the Vita’s retail price of $300 to PS3 160 GB($250), but they should realize that it takes a huge amount of effort to compress a near-PS3 power output into a pocket-size device.