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My 2-week vacay diet and training plan


After 7 years since the last time I visited my home country(Philippines), I’m finally taking a two-week vacation which is a very good news for me at last because I will be seeing my mom, my relatives and my long time friends; not only that but it means that I will be able to lower my stress levels, get adequate sleep everyday and I will be able to even improve my PRs in the gym thus, I will stray away from using too much Internet since the connection over there as far as I know are fairly limited.

To many people, their vacation sabotages their diet plan because they tend to gorge on foods that they missed or probably because their common thinking is that they are on vacation so they should also let go of their “planned eating habits.” While I somewhat agree to the latter because thinking and worrying about your diet while on a vacation can add to unnecessary stress, personally, I wouldn’t allow my vacation to ruin my hard effort on leaning down. Unless I’m a naturally lean person, for a dieted down person like me, I’m better off maintaining my eating/ training habits to maintain my reward. There is a big difference between a dieted down person and a naturally lean person because the latter can simply rely on their intuition with regards to when to eat(because they’re physically hungry), what to eat, when to move around(more or less) or in short, their bodies are simply efficient on maintaining their body weight/ composition because of their genetic makeup. If you are reading this post, feel free to call me as an OCD-type towards my dieting/ training habits but I don’t care. I will do what I think is best for my fitness goal because I have proven it overtime. Just like the title of my blog, I cannot put enough emphasis on how important knowing and understanding is with regards to maintaining long-term weight management because the best solution for a dieted down person like me is through developing awareness and adaptation. As a recap, when I say awareness, I was talking about knowing and understanding how the input and output of energy balance works and it’s complexity; then once we develop that awareness, we can build adaptation such as new dietary habits, modify our physical activities and make it a lifestyle.


I will be going to a local gym three times a week to preserve my strength and improve my nutrient partitioning because I am going to eat the foods that I missed eating in the Philippines. Did I say that all the foods in the Philippines are fresh? Not frozen, that’s why the foods back there are more palatable. I am also planning to hit PRs in the gym because working on rotational-basis doing shift work greatly affects my performance in the gym probably due to lack of sleep and disruption of my biological clock or both which also affects my behavior towards doing my workout. I am highly dedicated to my fitness goal though that’s why I developed my own ways to improve motivation.


Just like what I have said above, I am not sure about the Internet connection availability in the place that we are going to stay that’s why I am going to use a calorie counter that does not require Internet connection because it is still usable even during offline.


Tap & track app

I will also be taking my portable analog food scale so that I can still precisely weigh the foods that I am going to eat.


Digital and analog food scale really has no difference in terms of accuracy. The only advantage of using digital is the convenience factor but since I will be traveling abroad, I need something that is lightweight and portable that’s why in this context, the analog scale is more applicable.

I will also bring my measuring cup.


The only beverage that I drink that contains calories is milk anyway but for an already lean person like myself, a small miscalculation in my daily calorie intake of let’s say 50 or 100 extra under reported calories can eventually add up in the long run and will be deposited as fat.

That is pretty much my plan on maintaining my fitness status during my vacation. This is my habit and this is my lifestyle so I’m going to stick to it. Here’s my results.

A photo of my son and I in a pool resort in the Philippines. I’m not as lean as in my other photos cos I was adding more muscle mass during this time.