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Passion should come before hard work

The word hard work is an overused word to the extent that if it is only tangible, it should be rusted and is already beaten up by now because in general, whether it is training or dieting or even in workplace in general. Too many people puts too much emphasis on hard work alone without considering the other aspects of successful results in general.

Train hard, diet harder.”

I can’t exactly remember where I had read this quote sometime ago but before, I used to agree with this phrase until I come to my realization that hard work alone is overrated. If you know any motivational speakers around, chances are, he/ she has used the word hard work to motivate their listeners. Even successful entrepreneurs often uses the word that’s why most of us tend to become bias towards hard work without considering other important aspects of success such as passion, being on the right time and place and having a good preparation. While proper timing and place are both beyond our control which are developing a passion.

I got inspired to create this blog because I wanted to share my passion regarding fitness to other people. Whenever I write something here, I simply follow my intuition(passion) to deliver topics in this blog. Speaking of inspiration, what inspired me to write this blog post is because I came to realize just now that the key ingredients to success are passion and hard work but these two are not interchangeable. Passion should come first before hard work. If we work hard first without passion, the greater the risk of depleting our willpower stores therefore, in return, we end up losing the fun aspect of doing something in general be it our work, hobby, fitness goal or what have you.

Think about it: have you ever had a job that you truly dislike that no matter how hard you fulfill your duties, you’re just ending up unhappy and always irritated? Have you tried diets or training program that no matter how hard you tried, you still fail to achieve your desired results? If so, I think this is because an effective diet or training in the context of fitness should be the one which we have passion about. The one that we enjoy doing such as the IIFYM . IIFYM in fact is getting more and more popular these days simply because it is a way of eating that is so flexible. People had been successfully dieted down to very lean state without depriving themselves or shall I say without even working/ dieting hard at all. This is because the passion comes first before hard work. I believe that if there is passion to virtually anything, hard work automatically chimes in.

If we look back again to any highly successful people that we know, while it’s true that they’re probably hard workers or else, they wouldn’t be where they were today in the first place, I’m sure that they were also passionate about the kind of work that they do which is why the hard work part automatically comes in without even trying.

Based on my experience, I also had some experiences on being successful to small things that I did which aided me to realize that passion or love for something should come first before hard work. First is when I successfully dieted down and maintained leanness until now despite of being a naturally skinny fat person. Then, when I successfully created my sub zero costume despite of only having a very little knowledge about sewing fabrics because I only learned sewing from my T.H.E. (Technology and Home Economics) class back in my elementary days. Right now, I am working on my Resident evil diorama:

Spencer estate photo from Resident evil game (Main hall)


My diorama


Without having an academic background regarding engineering nor architectural background, at least I’m proud to say that I was able to portray the resident evil mansion in a pleasing way to my own standards. I only brought these examples because it shows that my passion to do these things is responsible for bringing the hard work. In the context of achieving fitness goals, in my opinion, we should learn how to develop a passion in order for us to become successful to our diet or exercise of choice. Consistency is the key to any fitness results. However, consistency alone does not define what it really takes to be consistent and that is creating a passion.