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Stop the fast foods hate


If you are one of those hippies who keep on posting Youtube videos or Facebook status message regarding how fast foods are bad for your friends in attempt to show everyone how holy your diet is, please stop right away. For the recent years, fast food chains have been getting a lot of bad rep how it’s turning this generation into obese, unfit individuals. The common argument of the hippie folks is that fast foods are unhealthy therefore, it makes people fat. Well, the truth is no. It’s not everyone who eats fast food gets fat nor obese. Fast foods are often associated with obesity due to food items’ caloric value whilst the truth of the matter is, No one is forcing you to eat darn fast foods!

Even so, most fast food chains are offering calorie content of their menu hence they even offer low calorie options such as salad, lower fat items or even lower carb variety. Claiming that fast foods are automatically fattening is just a hasty generalization created by people who appeal to their emotions because of their self denial to themselves that every time they go to fast food chains, they couldn’t help themselves from eating too many calories.

Eating fast foods every now and then won’t ruin your diet. People get fat from eating fast foods and other high calorie food products because they eat irresponsible. I repeat, people get fat because they eat irresponsibly. What is eating irresponsibly? Irresponsible eating can be defined as failure to track your calorie intake, eating mindlessly and staying as a couch potato imagining as if those calories will magically go away someday. It’s not gonna happen, I am sorry.

Ditching fast foods

What really happens when people refrain from eating fast foods is that they switch to lower calorie foods such as fruits, lean cuts of meat, people also tend to increase their veggie intake or in short, they prepare their own food at home. There is nothing magical about that. Anyway, if you are revolving your everyday diet eating fast foods and restaurant foods only, it’s not fast food that is the problem but your lack of effort to be responsible for your own body. YOHOB (you only have one body) so, it is your sole responsibility to take care of it, not fast food corporations.

I’m going to stop writing here so I could enjoy eating my Panda Express dinner. Oh, I don’t work for any of these fast food companies. I am simply one of their fans who choose to eat responsibly. Yes, everything that I eat are factored within my caloric budget and macronutrient needs.