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How to identify a bullshit diet


Okay, I am also selling fat loss consultation and there is nothing wrong on selling, but the problem is when someone is selling us a product or service that is made of bullshit. Trust me here, there are so many people trying to make a quick buck out of our ignorance. The truth is, there is so much money to be made selling diets because people tend to become impulsive buyers especially if the product or service is targeting our emotions. Here is the list of diets that everyone should stay away from:


A dead giveaway. The human body survived millions of years without doing any detoxification.

2. “Healthy diet”

The word healthy is the fitness world is an overly abused and misused by many people trying to make a quick buck. Any diet that is capable of creating a calorie deficit therefore can make you lose weight, is capable of improving your health markers. The truth is, most of the time, the improvements on health markers was made possible but not due to the diet type or foods eaten in the diet but as a result of the weight loss instead. People who diets of some sort tend to increase their physical activities or exercise or both, so there are many confounding factors which improves their health.

3. Health seminars

A common bait to make you join a pyramid scam. Apparently, these pyramid scammers figured a way to capture the masses’ interest to lure you to join their networking. Before you know it, you are already in the bottom of their food chain selling their new diet to others so you can go up to the ladder of the pyramid scam. Social support group is important on long-term weight management t but you don’t need to attend any seminars to do so.

4. Do X type of exercise to lose weight/ burn fat

There is no single type of exercise that can increase your fat oxidation in 24 hours. We lose weight/ fat as a result of consistent application of calorie deficit whether it is coming from the food intake or energy expenditure or both.

5. You need to buy the company’s patented supplement

Supplements can be helpful but are not necessary to produce results!

6. Avoid these foods, Don’t eat that

There is no single type of food nor nutrient that can make us fat in isolation. We get fat as a result of accumulation of acute unused surplus calories overtime period!

7. Go low fat, go low carbs

Context is the most important consideration. One does not need to go low fat nor low carb nor low anything to lose weight!

8. Avoid beer and other alcohol because it produces beer belly

No. There is no single type of nutrient that makes a person fat.

9. Calories doesn’t matter

Dead giveaway. Do yourself a favor and run away immediately.

10. No references

A person who is selling a diet or a service that is trustworthy should be able to provide you with references from various research.

11. Flooded testimonials

This is a biggie. Most of us decides based on our emotions. While there is nothing wrong on using testimonials to market a diet or a service, testimonials alone are not enough that the diet or service is legitimate. Hey, I could easily hire someone to say something nice about my product 🙂

12. Over instructions but fails to explain how things work

A person or a good diet should be able to explain why and how things work.

I will periodically update this list as time goes on but for now, keep these list in mind.

Change your mood to put yourself in the groove

In my experience as a long term dieted down individual , one of the problems that I’ve been tackling is finding motivation to do my workout sometimes. I am not always feeling lazy to do my workout but just like what I had explained here, when a person is dieting down way below his/ her set point, his/ her body will fight back in order to conserve the energy expenditure which may explain why I feel demotivated to be consistent in my workout. There are both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that we can manipulate. Lately, I found some tactics which can vastly improve my mood towards doing my workout.


I don’t know if you like house and electronic music but in my experience, the rhythm of the beat can uplift a lazy mood. I personally use Digitally Imported app in my iPhone which I simply connect in my speakers at home.



Believe it or not, well lit environment can affect the mood or even gym performance. I train at home and for four years, I’ve been using soft lightbulb in my gym but I have noticed that during the winter, the yellowish illumination makes me feel sad and demotivated. Yesterday, I switched the lightbulb of my floor lamp into a daylight fluorescent lightbulb. I immediately noticed the positive difference in my mood. If you are training in the gym, it is probably best to find a gym with a well lit environment especially during the winter when many people is affected with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).



It’s amazing what a hot shower can do before working out. It seems to loosen up the tightness in the joints.

To sum things up, there seems to be external factors that are in our control which can make a difference in our mood. There is another extrinsic motivation that works really well but I will keep that one as a secret but I might share that secret technique to my future clients who are going to consult with me 🙂

Post dieting auto regulation concept


The best way to describe the concept of diet auto regulation is to compare it with the cruise control button of a motor vehicle. If you have no clue what a cruise control button is, it is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. The system takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver. Most modern vehicles these days are already equipped with this system as a standard feature. In the world of dieting for fat loss or maintenance, it can be considered as intuitive eating or eating instinctively. Some naturally lean people or those whom we refer to as people with fast metabolism does not necessarily have faster metabolism than most of us but, they were simply good intuitive eaters or intuitive movers or both. If you want to read more about intuitive eating, read this or this one.

Now, I am going to share my personal thoughts regarding intuitive eating because it may sound too simplistic to answer this principle by a yes or no answer because in my opinion, it just depends. I don’t know if you have heard the the theory of biological set point. Basically, set point is like the human body’s thermostat which regulates the body weight of a person. From this perspective given with the question above whether a person is capable of auto regulating his body weight or body composition without tracking calorie intake depends on his level of set point and his/ her former history of dieting. If he/ she has been previously tracking his calorie/ macronutrient intake for a given time, there is a potential that he may be able to maintain his current state of leanness by simply eating intuitively, but again, he is still aware of what he eats and how much at least subconsciously speaking.

The only reason why people get fat is due to the accumulation of acute surplus calories that accumulates overtime. No one is exempted to this law of thermodynamics. However, just like what I mentioned above regarding the theory of set point, there might be a big variance between the lowness or highness of a given person’s set point. People with higher set points will always have a harder time losing body fat because their body simply fights back in order to preserve it’s comfortable set point. It is still possible for them but it may take longer or they may even need a more complicated dieting strategy in order for them to keep their desired level of leanness.

Another scenario wherein auto regulation may not be applicable is when a person has an irregular sleeping – waking pattern. Based on my personal experience myself, every time that I was working night shifts, my appetite and hunger seems to become uncontrollable. Fortunately, with the use of my calorie tracking software, I am able to resolve this issue as a shift worker. In my opinion, this is also the reason why most night shift workers tend to gain excessive weight because most night shift workers also happened to just eat impulsively. People who works at night shifts also tend to make poorer food choices so it is probably the combination of both factors.

In my experience, it also depends on the level of physical activities done which can alter a person’s appetite. For example, whenever I am doing a twenty minute low intensity jogging, I tend to get ravenously hungry afterwards. But again, I am much leaner than an average person so it might not be applicable to the other people especially the ones who are carrying a lot more body fat than myself. Every time that I am working in my day job which makes me do at least 14,000 steps on average per 8-hour shift, I tend to get really hungry when I get home. I think this is simply my body’s reaction to compensate all the energy (or calories) that I had expended doing such activities above. Just like what I had mentioned regarding the thermostatic theory of set point, my body is doing that to me in order to put me into neutral energy balance state. I am lean because I am a dieted down person. To naturally lean people, they might not get the same effect doing the same amount of physical activities.

Another factor that I could think of that may affect the efficacy of intuitive eating is personal food preferences. Food preferences is highly individual which can be an innate factor learnt from childhood or as early as when we were still developing in our mother’s womb. Some foods can be more or less satiating than the others, so if you prefer to eat highly processed sugary stuff, you may get hungry sooner than expected and may end up co aiming more calories than you need.

The bottom line is, whether auto regulation will work or will not work depends on many factors such as what I’ve enumerated above. If you are previously tracking your calories and weighing your foods for a while, it may work in that context because you already have a clue regarding certain food’s calorie content by weight. If you are dieting down far away from your set point, you are probably better off sticking to meticulous calorie tracking especially if your calorie budget according to your goal is already low to begin with.

Why use the context dieting solution?

I started creating this blog 2 years ago in attempt to help people around the world to achieve their fat loss goal. It also allowed me to exercise my passion towards fitness and nutrition and this is the reason why the context dieting solution was born. As of yesterday, I started accepting personal online consultation because this way, I will be able to work with people around the globe on one on one basis. I could easily write a diet book but it is against my personal belief that there is a single diet that would cater to everyone’s lifestyle needs. My job will be your personal fat loss consultant and I will tailor your fat loss diet based on your personal preference which will suit your lifestyle. As a long time dieter myself and as an average employee like everyone else, I fully understand all the hurdles and obstacles an average dieter were tackling on a fat loss diet. I am the only person in this field who uses an if-then-else conditional programming for simple yet very powerful tool for fat loss goal. It means that since I am going to work with you in one-on-one basis, I will coach you based on your personal specific situation. I have no pre-made cookie cutter plan for everyone. Everything is made from scratch.


I walk my talk on a daily basis

If you’ve been reading my blog, you will notice that I am very keen to pay attention to every bit of details regarding fat loss. This is simply because I always aim for optimal results which is realistically achievable under a given scenario. This is not to say that I want to make things complicated for the sake of complication but is to say, I am in favor of simplicity but I will apply the more detailed approach if necessary. Again, I am an average dieter like everyone else. I have no desire to compete in bodybuilding or physique competition. I just want to show it to the world that having a next level physique as an average person is possible through the context dieting solution.

Why not hire a gym trainer instead?

Because the average gym trainer will do very little to get you there. It’s not my personality to criticize other people in order to bring my self up but this was simply the truth of the reality. Most gym trainers will actually tell you (especially if you have no prior gym experience) that there are specific exercise movements that should be done for fat loss. Believe it or not, about 90% of effective fat loss results are results of effective dieting strategy and not by exercise per se. Most gym trainers will also divert your primary fitness goal (which is fat loss) into something else to make you believe that you are getting your money’s worth. While it is sure nice to be stronger in the gym but always remember to focus on your goal which is fat loss. Strength gains should be your secondary goal and must be considered as a bonus.

Why not use any diet?

Because it is a hit or miss — as simple as that. It may work or it may not work. Any diet, assuming that there is the presence of calorie deficit will produce results but the real question there is, is it going to provide you your expected results? This is why personalized fat loss diet chimes in. I will specifically tailor your fat loss diet just for you; not for your neighbor, not for your mom and definitely not for your dog. This will ensure that you stick to your diet not because you have to but because you wanted to. And also, most mainstream weight loss diets are designed to restrict calorie intake to produce weight loss. This is correct, but you also need to apply proper macronutrient proportion in order to achieve your desired body composition. The amount of total calories of a diet only applies to the body weight of a mass, but not necessarily to it’s sub components. This is the reason why you may have lost weight using any diet but you still have no abs.

There is a huge difference between being on a diet and dieting without realizing it. One of my key secret as a successful long-term dieter is the latter. Context dieting will allow you to eat whatever you want without feeling deprived nor guilty simply by eating foods that “are not supposed to be eaten” on a diet. I will also not just tell you to eat several small frequent meals a day but you will be the one to decide whatever’s convenient for you. Again, my job is to make sure that you will be on the right track until you can move on your own.

Why 8 weeks?

Because I’d rather over deliver than under deliver. 8 weeks or two months is more than enough to produce significant results.

If you are interested to experience the context dieting solution, feel free to leave any comments below for any questions/ inquiries or you can also send me an email at

Or you can also sign up right away here.

I will be looking forward to work with you.

Context Dieting Ode:

While my clients are losing,
you are waiting.
Time is running,
your body fat is accumulating.

It is all about results,
which matters the most.
To you I guarantee,
your best body ever will be.

Does portion control work for weight/ fat loss?

Simple answer: Yes! Portion control does work for weight/ fat loss but the real question that should be asked here is up to what degree should it work. Of course, there are many areas in life that are gray that cannot simply be answered by a simple black or white answer. A lot of times, portion control will only be as affective if you have a lot of weight/ body fat to lose so it depends on the starting body weight and body fat percentage. Another factor that must be considered here is that most of the time, portion control is only applicable to most whole foods. Whole foods are foods that we commonly found in it’s nature’s form. These foods are unrefined nor unprocessed.

Another problem with portion control is plateauing. It’s not that plateauing is necessarily bad


But once we experience a plateau in weight/ fat loss, it becomes harder to track down on which foods that we eat must cut down. This is especially true when you are eating an already low calorie diet to begin with. You may say that one can simply increase the physical activity levels; anyway, weight loss can be achieved through decreasing energy intake or increasing physical expenditure or both but at least in my experience as a long time dieter, physical activities that creates high energy expenditure also tends to increase hunger levels in order for us to achieve the neutral energy balance state. In simply terms, it means no calorie deficit.

If your goal is to gauge your progress by seeing weighing scale numbers going down then portion control is for you. If your goal is to simply shed an inch of two off your waist line then portion control may be enough but again, this depends on your starting body weight/ body fat levels. Now, if your goal is to have visible abs or to have a flat stomach or to have a superior long term effective diet then calorie tracking and macronutrient management is ideally suitable to you.