Does portion control work for weight/ fat loss?

Simple answer: Yes! Portion control does work for weight/ fat loss but the real question that should be asked here is up to what degree should it work. Of course, there are many areas in life that are gray that cannot simply be answered by a simple black or white answer. A lot of times, portion control will only be as affective if you have a lot of weight/ body fat to lose so it depends on the starting body weight and body fat percentage. Another factor that must be considered here is that most of the time, portion control is only applicable to most whole foods. Whole foods are foods that we commonly found in it’s nature’s form. These foods are unrefined nor unprocessed.

Another problem with portion control is plateauing. It’s not that plateauing is necessarily bad


But once we experience a plateau in weight/ fat loss, it becomes harder to track down on which foods that we eat must cut down. This is especially true when you are eating an already low calorie diet to begin with. You may say that one can simply increase the physical activity levels; anyway, weight loss can be achieved through decreasing energy intake or increasing physical expenditure or both but at least in my experience as a long time dieter, physical activities that creates high energy expenditure also tends to increase hunger levels in order for us to achieve the neutral energy balance state. In simply terms, it means no calorie deficit.

If your goal is to gauge your progress by seeing weighing scale numbers going down then portion control is for you. If your goal is to simply shed an inch of two off your waist line then portion control may be enough but again, this depends on your starting body weight/ body fat levels. Now, if your goal is to have visible abs or to have a flat stomach or to have a superior long term effective diet then calorie tracking and macronutrient management is ideally suitable to you.

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