Change your mood to put yourself in the groove

In my experience as a long term dieted down individual , one of the problems that I’ve been tackling is finding motivation to do my workout sometimes. I am not always feeling lazy to do my workout but just like what I had explained here, when a person is dieting down way below his/ her set point, his/ her body will fight back in order to conserve the energy expenditure which may explain why I feel demotivated to be consistent in my workout. There are both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that we can manipulate. Lately, I found some tactics which can vastly improve my mood towards doing my workout.


I don’t know if you like house and electronic music but in my experience, the rhythm of the beat can uplift a lazy mood. I personally use Digitally Imported app in my iPhone which I simply connect in my speakers at home.



Believe it or not, well lit environment can affect the mood or even gym performance. I train at home and for four years, I’ve been using soft lightbulb in my gym but I have noticed that during the winter, the yellowish illumination makes me feel sad and demotivated. Yesterday, I switched the lightbulb of my floor lamp into a daylight fluorescent lightbulb. I immediately noticed the positive difference in my mood. If you are training in the gym, it is probably best to find a gym with a well lit environment especially during the winter when many people is affected with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).



It’s amazing what a hot shower can do before working out. It seems to loosen up the tightness in the joints.

To sum things up, there seems to be external factors that are in our control which can make a difference in our mood. There is another extrinsic motivation that works really well but I will keep that one as a secret but I might share that secret technique to my future clients who are going to consult with me 🙂

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