How to identify a bullshit diet


Okay, I am also selling fat loss consultation and there is nothing wrong on selling, but the problem is when someone is selling us a product or service that is made of bullshit. Trust me here, there are so many people trying to make a quick buck out of our ignorance. The truth is, there is so much money to be made selling diets because people tend to become impulsive buyers especially if the product or service is targeting our emotions. Here is the list of diets that everyone should stay away from:


A dead giveaway. The human body survived millions of years without doing any detoxification.

2. “Healthy diet”

The word healthy is the fitness world is an overly abused and misused by many people trying to make a quick buck. Any diet that is capable of creating a calorie deficit therefore can make you lose weight, is capable of improving your health markers. The truth is, most of the time, the improvements on health markers was made possible but not due to the diet type or foods eaten in the diet but as a result of the weight loss instead. People who diets of some sort tend to increase their physical activities or exercise or both, so there are many confounding factors which improves their health.

3. Health seminars

A common bait to make you join a pyramid scam. Apparently, these pyramid scammers figured a way to capture the masses’ interest to lure you to join their networking. Before you know it, you are already in the bottom of their food chain selling their new diet to others so you can go up to the ladder of the pyramid scam. Social support group is important on long-term weight management t but you don’t need to attend any seminars to do so.

4. Do X type of exercise to lose weight/ burn fat

There is no single type of exercise that can increase your fat oxidation in 24 hours. We lose weight/ fat as a result of consistent application of calorie deficit whether it is coming from the food intake or energy expenditure or both.

5. You need to buy the company’s patented supplement

Supplements can be helpful but are not necessary to produce results!

6. Avoid these foods, Don’t eat that

There is no single type of food nor nutrient that can make us fat in isolation. We get fat as a result of accumulation of acute unused surplus calories overtime period!

7. Go low fat, go low carbs

Context is the most important consideration. One does not need to go low fat nor low carb nor low anything to lose weight!

8. Avoid beer and other alcohol because it produces beer belly

No. There is no single type of nutrient that makes a person fat.

9. Calories doesn’t matter

Dead giveaway. Do yourself a favor and run away immediately.

10. No references

A person who is selling a diet or a service that is trustworthy should be able to provide you with references from various research.

11. Flooded testimonials

This is a biggie. Most of us decides based on our emotions. While there is nothing wrong on using testimonials to market a diet or a service, testimonials alone are not enough that the diet or service is legitimate. Hey, I could easily hire someone to say something nice about my product 🙂

12. Over instructions but fails to explain how things work

A person or a good diet should be able to explain why and how things work.

I will periodically update this list as time goes on but for now, keep these list in mind.

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