The fat loss assassin


According to popular common beliefs, what makes people fat are foods that are high in calories such as fast foods, soft drinks, processed foods, pizza, donuts, foods that are high in fat and other foods that are high in calories. The truth is, there is no such food nor nutrient in isolation that makes people fat. What makes people fat is the unused surplus calories that accumulate overtime. Most people are simply poor on estimating the amount of their real food intake. This is also the reason why I am a strong advocate of tracking calorie intake whilst using digital food scale and a measuring cup to myself and among my clients in order to maximize their results. I even makes a joke among my coworkers that Church’s chicken‘s fried chicken breast (original recipe) has a good calorie: macronutrient ratio which is in fact true if you carefully analyze it. Imagine, for 200 calories, you’re getting 22 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbs and only 11 gram of fat. When it comes to fast food standards, it’s calorie: macronutrient content is not bad at all plus it freaking tastes good! In contrary, Church’s chicken serves high calorie/ high fat foods but just like what I said earlier, it’s not the high calorie foods that makes people fat, but it’s those sneaky fat loss assassins such as under reported food intake which accumulates overtime which really makes people fat!

Fat loss assassins

These fat loss assassins which I was referring to are so sneaky that you won’t even notice that they’re stalking you behind. Remember those times when you ate 7 extra potato chips that you neglect to factor within your calorie budget? Remember those moments when you thought that a small piece of chocolate molten cake won’t hurt your diet? Remember those days when you felt lazy to weigh the peanut butter on the food scale because you are over confidently certain that you really know how much you were eating? Remember the times when you were not really hungry and out of boredom you just ate anything you can get your hands into? Remember those leftover foods that your kids did not eat but because you don’t believe in throwing foods away, you ate them instead? I’m not saying that people gets fat overnight. My point is, those extra 50, 100 or more extra calories a day could easily build up overtime. These are what I consider uncontrolled food intake. When you begin your fat loss diet, the very first thing that you must keep in mind to have control over how much you are eating. When it comes to fat loss, the amount of the calories that you eat is far more important than the type of the foods that you eat.

See, if there’s only one thing that must be avoided on a fat loss diet, that would be the uncontrolled food intake.

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