How important is compliance in fat loss?

Conformity, cooperation or obedience to the protocols of a fat loss is huge determinant whether a person will succeed or fail to see predicted results. As I always tell my clients once they sign up for my consultation service, this is going to be a 50-50 work. I will provide their diet setup and in return, I expect their 100% compliance. You may have the best diet or diet setup in the world but if you are incapable of complying to it, you will still fail.

This is yet another reason why I decided to go for one on one consultation instead of writing a fat loss diet book because fat loss dieting may fail in two ways:

1. The diet fails the dieter or;

2. The dieter fails the diet.

The above category must work synergistically which is why whenever I design a client’s diet including myself as a dieter, I make sure that I consider many factors such as their food preferences, their lifestyle, their behavior as a dieter, their personality whether they’re the type of people who likes to see fast or steady results, etc. In short, as a fat loss consultant, I always make sure that I will carefully design my clientele’s diet using the least amount of lifestyle changes simply because creating or breaking a habit is difficult to do. This is in fact one of the reasons why many mainstream diets fail many dieters in the long run. These diets expect their dieters to change almost everything which includes but not limited to the foods that they eat, the frequency of the exercise, meal frequency, the diet is very restrictive, etc.

Many experts always say that the key to long term fat loss success are lifestyle changes. Although this statement is absolutely true, it also happened to be a very vague statement at the absolute level. This is where personal fat loss consultation chimes in. Hiring someone with deep understanding about fat loss can be really helpful to pinpoint you the things that needs to be changed or maintained in your lifestyle. And these things highly varies from person to person.

When dieters fail to comply in their fat loss diet, this is a result of a poor diet setup to begin with. It’s either the diet is unrealistically sustainable or the diet simply doesn’t jive with the person or the person’s lifestyle. If you will ask or simply observe the behavior of successful fat loss dieters, all of them were simply successful because they’re consistent in their dieting efforts. This consistency is a product of compliance.

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