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What to learn from the video game Limbo


LIMBO is a 2D puzzle/ plat former game which I think is a very artistically designed video game. It only uses a black and white palette with some shades of gray in the background. The gameplay is similar to any simple 2D plat former mechanics: the player can walk, jump, climb and push/ pull interactive objects.

LIMBO and fitness stuff

To many people getting involved to any fitness of some sort, they tend to think just black or white. From nutrition folks to exercise enthusiasts, the number of folks who practices this kind of cognitive distortion simply adds more confusion to their already confused peers.

In terms of diet/ nutrition, here are some examples:

-it’s either just low fat or high fat diet
-it’s either just low carbs or high carbs diet
-with or without rice diet
-low salt or high salt intake
-eat this, avoid that diet

… And the list goes on to virtually anything that preaches extremes to both ends of spectrum.

Same illogical advice applies to exercise movements:

-everyone must do squats without considering the context
-one shouldn’t do any joint isolation movements for as long as he is training using compound movements
-lift light weight for many reps for cutting and lift heavy weights during bulking
-cardio is for fat loss, lifting weights is for muscle building
-cardio is bad, cardio is good; it depends on the context again

… And so forth.

See where I’m going here? People always forget the gray part. There is always a middle line between black and white thinking. If you play this game LIMBO simply just by looking at the black and white images on the screen, you will die, a lot! This game is a brilliant game in my opinion to teach us how to think outside the box; this game will help us use our imaginations. This game might just be using only black and white colors, but if you use your analogy, the objects on the screen will be more lively on it’s own. In fitness, it’s not all about all or nothing principle. If you practice this mentality, you will not only limit yourself with options, but you will also set yourself for failure in the long run whatever your fitness goal is.