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Generic flat stomach diet for women


I can understand that not everyone wants to be anal about their diet thus people will always find the simplest cookie cutter with the least amount of effort. This inspired me to formulate a very simple no calorie counting nor macronutrient tracking diet. Exercise is even optional! If you can incorporate some exercise, good! But if not, then that’s fine too. People will always attempt to diet anyways so I’d rather create something that should work in the context of most average women seeking to have a flat stomach.


I do not guarantee that these protocols will work for everyone. You as a dieter will use my unsolicited advice out of your own will. Therefore, I will not be held liable for any outcome it may deliver. If you’re pleased with your results, you can send it to me. Before using any diet, it is best to consult a medical professional first

If you want me to design you a more detailed precise fat loss program, you can hire me as your coach here.

How it works

You’re going to eat 4 times a day and you will follow this eating pattern as written below. Basically, you will eat a typical breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner so in reality, the only thing you’re about to change are the amounts of foods that you will eat, the ratio of nutrients (I’ve already taken care of this part for you) that you will eat, and just be consistent to it –as simple as that.

Food plan


Menu 1: 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a glass (8 oz) of fat-free or low fat milk, a piece or a cup of fruit of your choice, 1 1,000mg fish oil pill

Menu 2: 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of bacon, a piece or a cup of fruit of your choice, 1 1,000 mg fish oil pill

Lunch: 1 chicken leg quarter or a palm size piece of steak, or pork chop, any fish of choice, a side salad (go easy on the dressing),and a cup of fruit, 1 1,000 mg fish oil pill


Menu 1: Greek yogurt and a small salad
Menu 2: 28 pcs. almonds and a cup of fruit
Menu 3: 1 cup low fat cottage cheese and a cup of fruit
Menu 4: a piece of string cheese and a small side salad
Menu 5: 1 scoop of whey protein powder mixed with either water or fat-free or low fat milk and a cup of fruit of your choice


Menu 1: a palm size piece of lean cut of meat of your choice (pork chop with trimmed fat, a top round steak, skinless chicken breast/ thigh, fish, etc.), 1 serving of starchy carbohydrates of your choice (a cup of rice, 1 small potato, a cup of pasta, or 2 slices of bread) and a side salad, 1 1,000 mg fish oil pill

Menu 2: 1 scoop of whey protein powder mixed with an 8 oz cup of fat free or low fat milk and a banana, 1 1,000mg fish oil pill

Take note that dinner menu 2 can be less satiating than dinner menu 1. You should ideally use menu 2 for convenience i.e. you have no appetite to eat, you’re too busy, etc.

Once a week, you are allowed to eat 1 free meal (some people call this cheat meal). You can eat whatever you want which means you are entitled to eat anything that I did not laid out above. I suggest that you gear your free meal during the weekends, or during a special occasion. As far as beverages with calories in it, skip them except milk. You may drink black coffee sweetened with nutritive sweeteners, plain tea, diet soda, and other beverages with no calories in it. For supplements, it wouldn’t hurt to take a multivitamin pill as added insurance of micronutrients.

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