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Why hire a fat loss coach?

I am going to be direct and Frank in this blog. Whether one needs to hire a fat loss coach or not strongly depends on the context specificity of a goal. I am not fond of giving black and white answer because context is always important; it is the ultimate judge in almost every decision making process in life. To answer this question ore precisely, I will enumerate the potential pros and cons of hiring a fat loss coach/ consultant. This is one thing I have learned in life which allows me to predict a better outcome.

Pros: (assuming that you hired a good coach who knows what he/ she is doing)

Note: I don’t do contest dieting folks. I can probably do it but I have no experience in doing so.

1. Results can be faster, therefore both of your time and energy are conserved.

2. Paying someone to be accountable for your progress can be advantageous to your diet and training compliance. Research has even shown that money is the best tool for fitness motivation. When you pay someone to coach you, you as a consumer is more likely to comply to the protocols to get your money’s worth.

3. Hiring someone who is familiar with the turnarounds fat loss is the same as hiring a tour guide during a trip/ travel abroad. Like what I’ve said in #1, it saves you time and money. While there are tons of free information online, if you are clueless about fitness information, you may suffer from information overload. It is very difficult to classify a good or bad advice. Why? Because most of these advices do not provide the context specificity. No matter how good an advice is, if you cannot follow it, it will just be as bad as a bad advice.


Let us take this client above for example, my coaching service is good for 8 weeks, but in the 7th week of the process, I was able to deliver the client’s goal. Talk about efficiency.

4. Hiring a coach who is familiar with fat loss can easily troubleshoot your fat loss stall for example. Sometimes, people panic when they fail to see any weight loss on the scale while it could simply be water retention masking the true fat loss. Sometimes, or perhaps most of the time, dieters tend to underreport their true food intake which sabotages the calorie deficit.

5. If you are a dieter who is aiming to become lean on a specific date for a special occasion (wedding, reunion, etc.) for example, the goal is more likely to be accomplished if you hire a good coach.

6. A good fat loss coach can provide psychological reinforcement. This is important while dieting.

7. A good fat loss coach can help you resolve a dieting behavior. A coach isn’t there just to provide you with a calorie/ macronutrient recommendation; they’re also there to ensure that you can be lean once they’re not there for you anymore.


1. It can be expensive. Depending on who you hire, the price highly varies from hundreds to thousands of hard earned cash.

2. It is kind of difficult to look for a

good coach

because even if someone can refer you to a good one, they might have a long waiting list which means you may have to wait or they may not even accept you at all.

3. I have heard of some

bad coaches

out there who simply provides you as a client with some cookie cutter diet plans. Worse case is that you fail to hear anything from this coach upon paying them. A good coach should keep in touch with you frequently. I don’t know how others do it, but personally, I always keep in touch my clients on a daily basis. Thanks to the internet!

These are some of the benefits and risks of hiring a fat loss coach. I may have forgotten to list some other stuff, if you can name some, please post them in the comment section below. Rather than answering this question as black or white, like anything else in life, the key is to critically think about it by weighing the positives and the negatives.

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