Fat loss cooking channel

Eating out is not only expensive for the pocket but also for the calorie budget

-Jean Paul

I am also a dieted down person that’s why I truly understand the hardship many dieters face in everyday life. Now, one of the most frequently asked questions by many dieters is what should they eat on a fat loss diet. The truth of the reality is, anything can be eaten on a diet and still lose weight as long as there is a calorie deficit. Now, the thing is that most people do not have much daily calorie budget to begin with. Even if we can practice portion control by eating one slice of a high calorie pizza for example, who the heck in real world feel satiated with just one slice?

I came up with a practical solution for everyone: through DIY meal improvement! This is what inspired me to start my own Fat loss cooking channel on YouTube. I will build an empire of conventional meals many people like to eat modified for better macronutrient content per calorie spent. For example, the average slice of a medium pizza from your favorite pizza place contains approximately 300+ calories; and that is for one slice! The personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut comprise of 600 calories alone and this is a small pizza we are talking about.

My version of personal size Hawaiian pizza contains just 255 calories!


As far as the macronutrient content, my pizza has 21 grams protein, 7 grams of fat and 28 grams of carbohydrates. This is for the entire pizza! If you could eat pizza everyday and be able to fit it in within your calorie budget, why wouldn’t you?

One of the key ingredient of maintaining long-term leanness is to create a consistent calorie deficit without knowing it. Many people believe that one has to sacrifice to win. This is a big bogus to be honest. If you really want to maintain a realistically sustainable diet, you would want to select a diet that allows you to eat whatever you want without depriving yourself not only physiologically but also psychologically. Many people only see successful dieting as black or white only. The truth is that there is a compromise between eating delicious meals without breaking the calorie bank.

Overtime, I will create more episodes in my Fat loss cooking channel that will feature your favorite meals that you miss when dieting down for fat loss. Keep in mind that an effective fat loss diet is something that you stick to not because you have to but because you want to.

If you are enjoying my recipes, please post your feedbacks, dish/ dessert suggestions for future episodes. And also, make sure to subscribe and share my channel among your friends.

If you would like to see more body recomposition-friendly recipes, make sure to check out my cookbook on amazon.com.


And no, you don’t need to use A Kindle because the ebook is readable through iOS and android devices.



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