Everyday treat day diet

Sometime ago back in 2010, long before IIFYM became popular, I’ve had this idea of writing a book about Everyday treat day diet. My original concept was an everyday cheat day diet but I honestly did not have a clue how to introduce it to the public without resistance. I ditched the word cheat simply because it has a negative connotation to it. In the context of dieting world, cheating on a diet (eating foods that you are not supposed to eat on a diet) is supposed to make you feel guilty. This creates an unhealthy relationship to food. The truth of the reality is that anything can really be eaten even if you are on a restricted calorie diet; but, here’s the but good luck meeting your macronutrient allotment eating whatever you want while eating satisfying portions or even hitting micronutrients. There is a whole lot of misconceptions about what IIFYM is really all about. Unfortunately, many silly kids these days who are jumping in the IIFYM bandwagon are using IIFYM as an excuse to build a 100% junk food diet. This is one of the biggest reason why I got out of the closet and started Fat loss cooking channel.

The idea is to get people eat more whole foods based dishes and meals disguising as junk foods or cheat foods. One of the biggest flaw of many weight loss/ fat loss diets out there is that most if not all of these diets are ultra restrictive. These diets make you eat bland tasting foods, so you are less likely to overeat it. What if I tell you that I can do the opposite? I can offer you tasty meals and you can eat more of it! And no, it is not Dunning Kruger effect. I know in myself what I can do and what I’m capable of. I can make this possible through the use of my IIFYM expertise and through my unique kitchen manipulation skills. I don’t normally use the word expert but I am highly confident to use the word in this regard because I’ve already spent quite some time mastering such skills. Skills, unlike talent which is an innate trait can be learned and mastered overtime. Repetition is the mother of skills indeed.

I have posted a status on my Facebook the other day that once I build an empire of recipes on my Fat loss cooking channel, people can then equip these recipes in their arsenal to create the Everyday treat day diet. Look at the meal ideas that I’ve created so far:

Low fat orange chicken


Perfect protein pancakes





And so much more! At least you get idea. Now, if you try to eat all of these foods outside my recipe idea, again, good luck hitting your macronutrient allotment without going overboard your calorie budget! Like what I’ve explained here , eating out is not only expensive for the pocket but also for your calorie budget.

Now, if you like my idea of building an empire of free recipes, all I am asking in return is for you as a reader or a follower of my blog is your support. You can support my brilliant concept by sharing the Fat loss cooking channel. Share it, get it exposed, make it popular. I want this project to hit big! This is an excellent way for people to trim their waistlines without them even knowing that they’re dieting.

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