How to be a successful dieted down individual

What is a dieted down person?

A dieted down person as opposed to a naturally lean person who has a low biological set point or is someone whom we typically labelled as fast metabolism type. A dieted down person on the other hand is someone who has a natural tendency to stay at higher body weight/ higher body fatness. A dieted down person can still become lean but they have to manipulate the things that are within their control. I wasn’t talking about having surgical procedure here but behavior.

I’ve spent my childhood as a kid who is always been skinny fat. You can see many pictures of me where I was skinny but this is simply because I was yo-yo dieting back then. I didn’t have a clue how proper nutrition works, so there were times that I just don’t eat because I am one of those people who get fat easily.

This is a photo of my brother’s body but my body back then has always been like this:



I don’t have any pictures of me sporting my skinny fat body handy that’s why I’m just using my brother’s pic to give you an idea what my body looked like back then. He is my brother anyway, so we share the same genetics.

Now, if you knew me after 2007, you will probably think of me as someone who is naturally thin even though I am not.



Anyway, upon dieting down correctly, I’ve been maintaining this new lean body for the last consecutive 8 yrs. now. Many diets and fitness gurus out there will sell you their fat loss diets but you will rarely see anyone who are giving tips about maintenance which is the most important part of successful fat loss management.

What is the secret then?

Remember when I mentioned the behavior part earlier? Researchers have this theory called the settling point. It’s basically referring to the things that we can control: our behavior towards food, activity levels and environment. Personally, I prefer to cruise around 10-12% body fat year round even though I can be leaner than that simply because this is a good compromise between looking lean without the consequences of being too lean.

Here’s the list of the things that I do to remain lean:

1. I eat by numbers.

2. I regularly exercise three times a week and I practice being a flexible trainee.

3. I maintain high levels of physical activities outside the gym.

4. I cook the bulk of my foods. And I practice recipe modification.

5. I practice flexible dieting.

6. I manage my stress levels

7. As a shift worker, I also manage my behavior as a shift worker

8. I modify my immediate environment which is my home in the context of I don’t surround myself with foods that can easily be overeaten such as chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. I am not saying that these foods are automatically fattening but if you know in yourself that you can easily lose control overeating these foods, you might as well eat these foods on occasional basis.

Now tell me, is it really that hard to maintain a long-term leanness that you can keep for as long as you want?

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