How long does it take to look like one even lift weights

It’s been a long while since the last time I updated this blog but anyway, I’m in the mood to discuss this topic today.

To answer the title of this blog post, it really depends on whole lot of factors but for the majority of people especially the ones with average to subpar genetics, it takes several years of solid consistent solid nutrition plan and a proper workout that is geared towards hypertrophy not to look DYEL. What I’m going to be discussing here are based on what I have observed in years of watching the fitness community.

Speaking of good genetics for bodybuilding, I am defining it in this context as someone who has really good p-ratio. This people typically have really good insulin sensitivity to begin with so they typically have no problem taking the simplistic approach of eating big while lifting big and results just follow. Majority of the calories they’re ingesting seem to go at the right places. These people are very rare though. At the time of this writing, there is no way to measure someone’s genetics nor hard work, but we can measure someone’s potential through the rate of their progression.

Average genetics

Like what I said above, there is no way to measure someone’s genetic capabilities but we can somewhat predict someone’s muscular potential through his/ her rate of progression. I’ve seen guys whom got jacked in two years worth of consistent diet and training. People with average genetics will have to spend several years to actually look like they even lift probably because to these people, they have inferior calorie partitioning therefore, they spend majority of their time restricting their calorie intake so they won’t get too fat while adding some weight.


Personally, it took me 5 years worth of consistent training to actually look like I even lift. This is because even if I am meticulous about my diet and is training hard in the gym, I also spend majority of my time restricting my calorie intake so that I won’t get fat again. Being a down person as opposed to starting from a naturally lean person seem to be a the culprit for most people. I think people having skinny fat problems’ real problem is calorie partitioning in the first place that’s why they might really have to be more detail in their diet and be more patient in terms of waiting for visual results.

This is why people who are afraid to lift weights just because they’re afraid to build bigger muscles should do a reality check especially when we’re being surrounded with people in the fitness community who uses and abuses the use of anabolic drugs which distorts our perception regarding what’s realistically achievable by the average and not.

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