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Everyday fast food fat loss diet


This is the only fat loss book that can be considered as an everyday cheat day diet. The content of this book is a simplified form of IIFYM style fat loss dieting sans the calorie counting nor macronutrient tracking. This fat loss diet is made specifically for busy American women who like eating fast foods everyday while getting leaner. This is the only fast food fat loss diet that is designed to change the way your body look and not just weight loss.

In real world scenario, there are plenty of people who rely on fat foods everyday and the primary reason why fast food has gotten a bad reputation is due to it’s high calorie content and it also happened that majority of people who eat fast food eat it uncontrollably. Everyday fast food fat loss diet has taken care of the control part for you without being too detailed in your diet.

Or perhaps, you are planning to go out of town yet your means of food availability were just fast food? Then use this diet.

You are probably more likely to experience a more favorable body recomposition changes using this diet over the meal plans your trainer handed you.

What about males? Yes, even men can use this diet also. But since this diet was really meant for women, men who are interested on using this diet during a mini vacation may just need a couple of supplemental protein powders along with a couple of glasses of fat free/ low fat milk to boost protein requirements.

You can get your copy here

Everyday treat day cookbook


Everyday treat day cookbook is not your average cookbook. This cookbook is powerful enough to liberate majority of people from the common dieting mentality. Each recipes were carefully concocted one by one to produce full flavor while providing favorable body recomposition macronutrient content per calorie spent. The best thing this book can offer is ultimate control over your diet instead if your diet controlling you. This is the only cookbook out there that offers lifestyle changes that you can actually keep for life. We have no valid reason why we should stick to traditional recipes other than appealing to tradition which is a logical fallacy. Many people fail their diets because they cannot stick to it. These recipes will revolutionize the way we see what real lifestyle change is all about. This cookbook includes 40 recipes that you can incorporate in your daily life to change the way you see what strategic eating is all about. If you like the recipes that I recreated in Fat loss cooking channel on YouTube, you will love Everyday treat day cookbook!

Everyday treat day cookbook recipes include but is not limited to:

Egg rolls
Salisbury steak
Breakfast sausage
Kung pao chicken
Char Siu
Schezuan Sweet and sour fish
Meat loaf
Country fried beef steak
Boneless riblets (tastes like Mcrib)
Mandarin chicken
Shrimp tempura
Lo mein
General Tso’s chicken

…… and many more!

* Who else will tell you to eat more egg rolls, more boneless riblets, more curries, more Chinese food more often? At least if you follow Everyday treat day cookbook recipes

* This cookbook is created by a successful long-term leanness maintainer so he totally understand how it feels to live on a restricted calorie diet

* Eat your favorite foods with higher satiating factor

* Get to eat more whole foods without even trying

* You will be eating more vegetables without even knowing it (your kids wouldn’t know it either)

* If you are an IIFYMer, adopting my recipes will make you more accountable to your allotted macronutrient proportion.

* If you are not eating by numbers (not tracking calories nor macronutrients), you may experience body recomposition changes since my recipes were designed to produce leaner bodies.

* My recipes might be a more suitable approach towards combating global obesity instead of food avoidance.

* The reason why we use meal replacements like shakes and energy bars aside from convenience is to conserve calories. The problem is we cannot live on it. Instead recipe replacements is a smarter way to approach calorie deficit.

You can buy get a copy of my cookbook here

It works not just with Kindle but also with iPads, smart phones, etc.