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PS Vita: PSP on juice


I preordered the first bundle pack from which I received on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. The package includes the PS Vita 3G/ Wifi hardware, the limited edition PS Vita case, 4 GB memory card and a Little Deviants game.


I am a big fan of the psp go and I still have a couple of PSP GOs here at home. I bought an extra because Sony discontinued it’s production several months ago.

Sony made a big leap in terms of PSP’s hardware into the PS Vita. Simply by looking at the graphics, the sound and game lineups, Vita in my prediction is going to sell like hotcakes on it’s official US release date which is on February 22nd of this month. Aside from the amazing capabilities of the Vita, my prediction is that it will sell a lot because Sony finally listened to their fans regarding the implementation of the second analog stick.

The PS Vita is almost twice the size of the PSP Go


Even though the Vita is much larger than the Go, it fits in the hands really at it’s weight of 280 grams.

I didn’t really cared for the Little Deviants game so I bought a couple more US titles yesterday:


Right now, I’m playing Shinobido 2 because I’m a big fan of Tenchu games since PSone years.


The graphics reminds of the game Kingdom of Paradise

The graphics may not awe many people by Vita’s standards but I just love ninja stealth games.

I also tried uploading some of my digital games from US PSN but so far, not all the games were compatible with the Vita. The only games so far that were downloadable from my digital copy games are Syphon Filter: Logan Shadows, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Thor, Street Fighter Max 3 and Megaman X. There might be some other games that are compatible but I think I have to wait until the official release on Tuesday, Feb. 22nd. The apps will also be available on the official release date such as Netflix, Twitter, etc.

I also tried the remote play option but none of my ps3 games were compatible yet.

I’m not going to discuss the specs because there are several other articles that are available on the web but I must say that I am happy with my Vita despite of it’s price. Some people were comparing the Vita’s retail price of $300 to PS3 160 GB($250), but they should realize that it takes a huge amount of effort to compress a near-PS3 power output into a pocket-size device.

My sub zero project

As I have posted in my Facebook status a few days ago, I said that I will be making my own sub zero costume from Mortal Kombat. I know that Halloween is already over but since that I really wanted to dress up as Subby for Halloween, I listened to my gut feeling to create my own version of sub zero costume. Here’s a photo of me wearing the costume that I created:





So far, my sub zero project is only about 80% complete because I still need to do some minor detailing done. The costume as it is on the pictures above costed me $103. I still need to buy a few more things before my costume gets fully completed. Many people are asking me if how did I made the costume so I’ll enumerate the materials that I used as well as the procedures. Note that this Subby costume that I designed was based on my own concept and does not necessarily reflect/ portray any of the Mortal Kombat franchises. I basically combined Sub zero’s suit from MK 3 and MK 4 then I just modified everything according to my standards.


I bought a Raptor type paintball mask shield, cut it then I painted it blue using a glossy spray paint for plastic.


I used a wool-like fabric from a local fabric store to create Subby’s sash then I just cut it and sewed it on by hands. I don’t have a sewing machine at home so it took me longer to create Sub zero’s sash.


I also bought a cheap adult-size soccer shin guards from Walmart then I just painted it with the blue spray paint that I used in my mask.



I also bought a Balaclava face mask from a sporting goods store. For my bottoms, I only used a thermal pants that can also be bought from a sporting goods shop. The shoes that I was wearing is a Nike free +2. I also bought a pair of Rydell(TM) armpads from Walmart then I painted the padded part with blue to compliment my outfit.

Here’s the picture of my finished sub zero costume


To finish the detailing, I painted the visible holes in my shin guard using a silver nail polish that I also bought from Walmart. Overall, it costed me $118 as the final cost + 10 hrs. of sewing, spray painting and conceptualization of the final part.

Sony PSP and it’s games that are worth playing


I have owned several handheld consoles since I was a kid. I had the Nintendo Game & Watch, Tiger handheld games, the original Nintendo Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Sega Game Gear, Sony PSP 1000(the very first PSP) and a Sony PSP Go. This may be a late review since PSP has been around for several years but I think PSP is actually one of the greatest console ever made because it has a near-PS2 quality in my pocket. If you don’t own a PSP, this is the best time now to buy a PSP because of it’s new lowered price as of this moment:

PSP 3000 = $129

PSP Go = $199

There is a rumor that since the new PSP Vita is coming out soon, Sony will discontinue the production of the PSP Go so if you are planning to buy a Go instead of the 3000 version, this is the right time to buy. In fact, we always go to a local Walmart, Target and Gamestop and I really don’t see any PSP Gos in the shelves so your best bet is to buy it online either EBay or Sony direct. I personally prefer the PSP Go over the PSP 3000 because of it’s sleek design, portability and memory capacity(built in 16gb) plus you can buy a separate M2 memory card which is unfortunately a very costly one. However, I was lucky to buy a couple of 4gb M2 cards from the Sony Style store which I got for $14 each. Of course, upon buying a new PSP, you must weigh the pros and cons of each system(PSP 3000 vs. PSP Go). In my experience, since I own both, UMDs tend to break easily and they’re simply bulky to carry around with but the screen is much bigger than the screen of the PSP Go. I think the placement of it’s analog stick is also more convenient compared to the PSP Go’s which was located in the middle. There are actually more games that are available through the UMDs only than digital copy. Although the PSP Go has a huge memory capacity, it’s games can only be bought from the official Sony PSN store which can be downloaded directly to the PSP Go, to the computer or to the PS3. In my experience, downloading games takes forever depending on the size of the game. My Internet speed here at home was 13.5 mb per second and it still takes about an hour and a half to download a file that is more than 1gb in size. In terms of portability which is the true purpose of the PSP, the Go would instantly trump the 3000 because the Go is only as big as an IPhone. In my observation, the PSP Go also has a faster loading times than the 3000 because it uses a digital copy versus reading a CD-ROM(UMD) disc. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, the PSP Go has a more limited game library than the 3000. Not all the games are available through PSN. If you’re also a previous phat PSP owner, there’s no way you can convert your UMD games into digital copy which means you need to buy them again.

As far as the games, I will enumerate all the games that are in my opinion worth-playing/ worth-owning. Of course, these are based on my personal taste and the only game genre that I will not include are puzzle games and sports:

1.) Grand theft auto: Liberty City Stories

2.) Grand theft auto: Vice city stories

3.) Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow

4.) Metal Gear Solid: Peace walker

5.) Ys Seven

6.) Persona 3 Portable

7.) God of War: Ghost of Sparta

8.) Dante’s Inferno PSP

9.) Valkyria Chronicles 2

10.) Megaman X Maverick Hunter

11.) Guilty Gear Judgement

12.) Sims 2

13.) Little Big Planet

14.) X-men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse (not available on Go)

15.) Kingdom Paradise

16.) Obscure: The Aftermath

17.) Silent Hill: Origins

18.) Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

19.) Sega Genesis Collection

20.) Unbound Saga

21.) Untold Legends: Brotherhood

22.) Gran Turismo

23.) Fat Princess

24.) Monster Hunter Portable 3

25.) Twisted Metal: Head on

26.) Socom: Fireteam Bravo 3

Another cool feature of PSP is it’s ability to play PSONE games. Here are some great timeless titles that are available via PSN for downloads:

1.) Resident Evil 1

2.) Resident Evil 2

3.) Resident Evil 3

4.) Dino Crisis 2

5.) Final Fantasy VII

6.) Final Fantasy VIII

7.) Xenogears

8.) Vagrant Story

9.) Threads of Fate

10.) Fighting Force

11.) Parasite Eve 2

There are probably many more good games that I failed to mention but these are simply my favorites.

In any grown up man, there’s always a kid inside

Outside fitness stuff, one of my other interests is collecting action figures. I’m 28 years old right now who has a wife and 3 kids but I’ve always love collecting action figures since my early childhood. I still buy action figures until now if I have a spare cash especially today that toy manufacturers put extreme details in their products. My purpose of writing this blog is to post some of my collections that I purchased here in the US. I still have so many action figures that I left in the Philippines. When I visit over there, I will definitely take pictures of all my collections since childhood.


Galactus and Dante from Devil may cry by Revoltech


Silver Surfer that comes with my Galactus combo pack that I got from Toys R Us


Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat 3 and C. Viper from Super Street Fighter IV


Human Torch and Invisible woman combo pack


Dante from Dante’s Inferno video game


Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5


Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1


Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden


Alex Mercer from Prototype


One and only God of war, Kratos


Beachhead from G.I. Joe
In my experience, Beachhead is one if those action figures that are really hard to find since I was little.


Lt. Torpedo, G.I. Joe


Ken from Street Fighter IV
He’s my favorite character on the game and he’s also my best player during online match. I also have a Ryu but my son has been playing with it for a while and I couldn’t find it.


Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII
Squall and Cloud are my two favorite characters among all the FF series. I have a Squall action figure also but it was in the Philippines.


Ragdoll from Little Big Planet. These were actually my sons’ toys but I think they’re too cute to be neglected.


Lion-O from Thundercats
I still have my classic Lion-O from the 80’s back in the Philippines but this one is much more detailed.


Futuristic Ratchet
This actually belongs to my son but every action figure at home needs to be posted here.

Gambit designed by Jean St. Jean


Batman and Two face from Arkham City


Ken and Blanka by Jazwares


Officer Rick Grimes from Walking dead


Ezio from Assasin’s Creed


Sub zero from MK Trilogy


Robocop by NECA




Tyrant from Resident Evil 1


Mortal Kombat Klassic ninja pack


Ken from Street Fighter by Jazwares


4 inch Sub zero by Jazwares


Grayson Hunt from Bulletstorm by NECA


Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 9 by Jazwares


Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat 9 by Jazwares


Freddie Kruger by NECA


He-man by NECA


Rayden from MK9


Squall from FF8 by Square Enix


Vash Stampede


Ken from SF Alpha


Solid Snake from MGS


Vector from Resident evil racoon city


Commander Shepard from Mass effect 3


Axel Steel from Guitar Hero


Sam Fisher Splinter Cell


Isaac Clark from Dead Space 2


Shao Kahn MK9


Batman infected DC Direct


Below are the toys that I’ve had and played with as a kid back in 1980-late 1990’s. Some of these toys were still in my possession which I keep in my mom’s house in the Philippines that’s why these pictures below are not the original pictures per se but mostly downloaded from the Internet.

Sub-zero by Hasbro


Johnny Cage by Hasbro (the one the I have is the one on the right)


Ken Masters by Hasbro


Blanka by Hasbro


Guile by Hasbro (this version was the 2nd version if I remember correctly; mine wears a green fatigue)


M. Bison by Hasbro


Vega by Hasbro


Arzon from Vizionaries




Spartan from Wild cats


Wolverine by Toybiz








Archangel(my version has white wings)






Conan the Barbarian (Adventurer version)


Ace McCloud of Centurions


Karate Fighters (Mine was Dragon kick and Red ninja) God, I love these toys. How I wish Milton Bradley remakes these toys


Captain Power


Thunderhawk from M.A.S.K.


Copper kid from Silverhawks




Robin Arkham City


Chris Redfield Toybiz


Onimusha 2 complete set by Mcfarlane


6″ Solid Snake by Mcfarlane


Nathan Drake by Playarts


Nightwolf and Jax both 6″ figures by Jazwares


Portgas d Ace Onepiece SH Figuarts Bandai


Playarts Dante DMC 3


Ezio from AC2







Himura Kenshin Revoltech


Edward Elric Revoltech