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Why TF did Starbucks become a fashion statement?


Seriously, I mean why?? If you’re reading this blog, you may think that I am just someone who is bitter or a Starbucks hater. Well, don’t get me wrong. I love coffee; in fact, I even wrote a blog about it which includes Starbucks coffee. In my honest observation, to some folks who were hanging around in Starbucks caf├ęs, these people somewhat created a perception that they belong to cool kids category just because they can effing afford a luxury coffee.

In fact, some of my friends on Facebook even tweets and posts in their status message that they went to Starbucks as if there’s a big deal that “they are in Starbucks.” It’s probably like wearing a signature clothes or owning a designer bag but come on, we effing go to Starbucks to effing enjoy their coffee! I don’t mind other people’s business but how the heck did our society created this distorted perception that we gotta own expensive things to be more acceptable in the society? I could somewhat understand from a fitness perspective because I am a fitness enthusiast and getting fit is also a fashion statement.

I occasionally stop by to some local Starbucks to grab some coffee despite of their expensive coffee because I like their coffee and as a coffee enthusiast myself, I can distinguish the difference between a cheap coffee and a quality coffee. Some people probably hangs around in Starbucks because of free wifi or simply because they also love coffee but it’s an undeniable fact that some folks were really just hanging in Starbucks just because they consider it as an inclusion to their fashion statement.