Making your fat loss easy

There is something that I just realized recently about life in general and this is to just worrying and thinking only of the things that are in our control. Let’s face it, there are two types of events in life; those things that we can do something about and those that we cannot. To, make our life easier and be more productive, it makes more sense to just concentrate on the former.

Same rules apply to fat loss

How many of us wanted to lose weight so desperately that we tried almost every single weight loss pill in the market? How many diets have you tried that most of these diets even made you fatter? The reality is many of us spends the majority of our time thinking about irrelevant information. I’ve been researching endlessly about fat loss for the past four years until now. I’ve seen different dieting strategies that work and those advices that doesn’t.

Here are some of the topics that are worth addressing about and I’d tell you what you can do on the specific situation:

1.) Having a slow metabolism
Everyone wants to have a fast metabolism to stay lean and fit. Having a fast metabolism of course would help but the only way to have a faster metabolism is to be born again, change our physiological properties so our body could process incoming calories better. Another real way of boosting metabolism is to overfeed and to gain weight. However, overeating and gaining weight often leads to excessive accumulation of unnecessary body fat.

Solution: People don’t need a fast metabolism to lose weight. It helps but we should just worry on the things that we can control. Either eat less, move more or both. That leaves us those 3 options. Just because you claim to have a slow metabolism doesn’t mean you cannot lose weight. You probably just need to eat less calories than other people to lose weight but you still can lose weight. You probably burn less calories than the others but if you move more, you still burn calories.

2.) I have bad genetics
Okay, I don’t know if how many times I’ve heard of so many people saying these. Granted that you probably gain more body fat than lean body mass when you gain weight due to low p-ratio but your excuses wouldn’t change your physiology.

Solution: We cannot change our physiological structure but we can manipulate our diet and training to optimize our results. Again, these are the things that we can control. You either track your calorie intake, portion control, conduct daily or even weekly menu planning to make yourself eat less, it’s up to you. At the end of the day/ week, what matters most is that you eat less calories than what you need. Training wise, have a regular exercise routine. Stop looking for the “revolutionary” fat-burning workout. Any exercise protocol done on a consistent basis would show results.

3.) I have no time to exercise
Very very common problem to most people. It’s more on psychological problem rather than a real problem itself. I personally work double jobs, I have a wife and three kids to support, I do household chores yet I still manage to include a regular exercise routine in my schedule.

Solution: It’s all about an efficient time management. Make time. Having no time or having time is a matter of choice. We either stay fat or lose weight, it’s our choice.

This is it for now. Time for me to hit the sack. I’ll write a part two next time.