The context dieting solution: Next level fat loss

The context of dieting solution is all about knowing the facts then choosing the right logical application based on a given situation. I am not an expert by any means. But fitness and nutrition are simply my passion. In any problem, there is a right kind of solution. It also matters when and how a given solution is applied. It is also about problem-solving. It’s the flexibility of your mind, the ability to see things that no one can see and envision something entirely different. We are creating the future, bringing about change.

Think of modern technology for example. Some might say that modernization causes obesity because foods are becoming more accessible while automation is encouraged. On the other hand, modern technology allows us to expand the science behind a lot of things. Cars, computers, and other gadgets are products of modern technology so we can never simplify a complex matter. There’s always a difference between proper use and abuse that’s why context matters all the time.

Our body will begin to adapt to everything we throw at it, so we all have to understand the science of the human body in order to know the correct changes to make. Sadly, sometimes we just have to go through the process of trial and error to figure it out. That is what context dieting is all about because there is no one single diet that would solve everyone’s case why they’re having a hard time managing their weight/ body composition more effectively since obesity/ weight or fat gain can be caused by genetics, hormonal or behavioral problems.

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. ”

~Charles Darwin

~ It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. ~


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Why use my fat loss consultation?

If you hire me, I will help you pursue your goal — to maximize your leanness potential. As your fat loss consultant, I will find the most appropriate strategy for you to make dieting easier and sustainable for long term leanness. As an average person like everyone else who has an average job, I can relate how difficult it is to face the hurdles of fat loss. I will bust out the myths of dieting while leading you to the most effective ways of fat loss dieting. I am not selling a gimmick nor a fad diet. My service will revolutionize the way you think about proper ways of approaching a fat loss diet. Context Dieting Solution TM is not a specific diet, it’s a concept constructed out of effective dieting strategies that works under a given scenario. The complicated part is putting these tiny pieces of the puzzle together which will I do for you as your fat loss consultant.

I also specialize on creating a fat loss diets for shift workers. I am the expert when it comes to this matter.

What should you expect from this consultation service?

Depending on your starting body fat levels (how fat or how lean you are), I will carefully design a personal fat loss diet which I think will be suitable and maintainable for you as a client. Setting a realistic goal without taking big compromise is one of the key ingredients of long term successful fat loss diet. I use strategic application of creating calorie deficit without you as a dieter knowing it.

The package includes:

– a diet that you can control instead of a diet that controls you as a dieter

-personalized diet plan based on the degree of your fat loss goal

-I will personally supervise your diet and training on a daily basis to make sure that you are on the right track.

-I won’t prescribe you to eat specific foods but you are free to choose the foods that you like to eat

-free access to all my articles

-live personal chat support with me via Skype or Facebook chat

-expect to build a habit that will help you sustain a next level lean physique for the rest of your life

-awesome results!

Make sure that you read my disclaimer notice and terms and conditions upon signing up.

You can view my personal transformation here. You can also check my client’s progression photos here..


For inquiries, feel free to send me an email at

Or you can also add me here on Facebook.

What does my clients say about their experience in context dieting solution

“I never met anyone like you… There seem to break all the dieting rules out there… But see our country… Probably why… It doesn’t work.”

– Ms. K

“I am satisfied with the results I’m getting so far, and appreciate all your help. I have no doubt I will get $100 worth of help from you by the end of the 8 weeks (and probably already have). Thank you!”

-Mr. G

“Gettin compliments off people now”


Some of the Context Dieting Solution results


Left picture: before context dieting

Right picture: 8th week results


Left picture: before context dieting

Right picture: 8th week results


Left picture: before context dieting

Right picture: 8th week results


Left pic: before context dieting

Right pic: 8th week progression
(She’s a mom of three)


Left pic: before context dieting @ 265 lbs.

Right pic: 8th week progress @ 245 lbs.


Left pic: before context dieting @ 122 Kg

Right pic: 10th week progression @ 105 Kg


Left pic: before context dieting

Right pic: 14th week progression


Left pic: before context dieting @ 138 lbs.

Right pic: 8th week results @ 126 lbs.


Left pic: before context dieting

Right pic: completed results


Left pic: before context dieting

Right pic: finished results


Left pic: before context dieting

Right pic: 14th week progression

My clients can actually expect continuous progressive changes even if they’re done with my 8 weeks coaching.

He is done with my coaching yet his results were still progressing…



My brother’s before and after transformation.

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